Audiation is an audio agency, A full-stack podcast production Shop and a state-of-the-art recording studio

Ready to sound inspired?

Audiation partners with brands, media companies, agencies and creators to conceptualize, develop, produce and market on-demand audio content.

We handle the entire process, from creative conception through content delivery, utilizing teams of experienced audio natives -- producers, writers, engineers, sound designers and mixers. We'll work with companies to develop their narrative, train up (or find) talent, book guests and create something that captures their authentic voice.

We record and produce shows in studios, offices and venues around the globe. We also have recently opened Westchester, New York’s only purpose-built podcast studio, located 30 minutes away from midtown Manhattan. State of the art podcast recording for any size show. More details here.

Audiation was founded in 2016 by digital entertainment pioneer Sandy Smallens, who created Spotify's Original Content department in 2011 and launched and executive produced such franchises as Sessions, Landmark, In Residence and Incoming. Over his career he's launched the record industry’s first Internet department; overseen music site SonicNet (and its acquisition by MTV); run digital divisions for CBS Radio and Entercom Radio; and led the viral marketing agency responsible for “Elf Yourself”.

We are currently advising and producing shows for:

  • Barbara Corcoran

  • Black Lives matter

  • IHeartMedia

  • lean in

  • LionTree Advisors

  • Nokia Bell Labs


  • Sotheby's

  • Stanley Brothers

  • Thrive Global

  • Warner Chappell Music

  • Washington Post BrandStudio


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