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Audiation produces branded and original podcasts, utilizing the unique intimacy of audio to tell compelling and authentic stories. We partner with brands, media companies and creators to conceptualize, produce and market on-demand content.

We are currently producing shows for Nokia Bell LabsSotheby'sIHeartMedia, LionTree Advisors, Thrive GlobalStanley Brothers and DigitalFlash to name a few.

The company was founded in 2016 by digital entertainment pioneer Sandy Smallens, who created Spotify's Original Content department in 2011 and launched and executive produced such franchises as Sessions, Landmark, In Residence and Incoming.

Podcast listening is exploding. More than 40% of the US population 12+ has listened to a podcast; 67M listen monthly; and 15% of the population listens to an average of five podcasts weekly.* But the glut of mediocre content is daunting. By enlisting recognizable and credible talent on both sides of the mic, producing shows to the highest quality and devising end-to-end marketing and distribution plans, Audiation maintains a gold standard. 

Prior to Spotify, Smallens's career highlights include launching the record industry’s first Internet department; overseeing breakthrough music site SonicNet (and its acquisition by MTV); running digital divisions for CBS Radio and Entercom Radio; and leading the viral marketing agency responsible for “Elf Yourself”. With a firm grasp on the cultural zeitgeist, he has seen first hand which content resonates with users and how to use analytics and marketing insight to drive attention and virality. He draws on his extensive track record and broad network to provide strategic guidance to companies seeking to create breakthrough audio content.

*Edison Research/Triton Digital's "Infinite Dial" 2017 report


The Latest

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Over a year in the making, "Breaking Ground With The Stanley Brothers," a brand new podcast from the titular family at the forefront of medicinal marijuana and hemp, has launched with an exclusive interview with their ally, and CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He says MMJ was tailor-made to battle the opioid crisis...and much, much more. Check it out here.



In this photo: Jesse Stanley, Josh Stanley, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Joel Stanley, Paige Figi (Charlotte's mom and head of Coalition for Action Now).